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Ten Thousand And Counting

On January 24, 2011 By

Congratulations to our new best friend, @blueperez, who just became the 10,000th registered oneword™ user.

We are now competing with Facebook at .01% of their 500 million. And going strong.

Following in the footsteps of another .01% peer, Apple, we thought it only fitting to award number ten-thousand with a big, fat […]

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Everyday Grammar. Every Day.

On January 9, 2011 By

I saw a huge billboard on Cahuenga at the 101 Freeway in Hollywood tonight. It’s prime advertising real estate with no less than a $20,000US monthly price tag.

The headline reads:

Everyday is Valentine’s Day

This translates loosely to:

Ordinary is Valentine’s Day

Maybe. However, I’m guessing that what they meant was: “Every day is […]

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Has it been a year already? Or have we never done this before? If not, we should have.

I’m a designer. What do I do?

Design a shirt Tweet your design with the hashtag #drytshirt or post to our Facebook page Feel awesome

Or, if you’re not a […]

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Thou Shalt Sort Of

On January 4, 2011 By

Thou shalt not kill.

This is from the Holy Bible. It’s one of the ten commandments allegedly given to the prophet, Moses, straight from God. It doesn’t say:

Thou shalt not kill. Well, unless it’s for your country. Oh, or if you’re hungry.

God, not being Schizophrenic, kept it simple, as I can only imagine […]

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