Congratulations to our new best friend, @blueperez, who just became the 10,000th registered oneword™ user.

We are now competing with Facebook at .01% of their 500 million. And going strong.

Following in the footsteps of another .01% peer, Apple, we thought it only fitting to award number ten-thousand with a big, fat $100 gift card from our friends at Amazon.


We just hope it’s not sitting in your spam folder.

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One Response to Ten Thousand And Counting

  1. Blue Perez says:

    Fabulous news. Big up to you guys at! Thanks so much for the gift voucher. I’m already compiling a list of what to spend it on, and I’ll check out your Amazon Astore too for sure! I have a list under way, and was wondering how I was going to buy that stuff, and now I know! So cool. Big love. Word up.Now, I have to get back to writing my novel. More news on that on my journal later today, the first draft goes on release from tomorrow so do take a look at and don’t forget to sign up to my RSS so you don’t miss a trick. I’m also now planning a bonus journal post on what I’m going to spend my lovely Amazon voucher on.This is an auspicious start to an amazing week. Thanks.One word? Love.

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