Has it been a year already? Or have we never done this before? If not, we should have.

I’m a designer. What do I do?

  1. Design a shirt
  2. Tweet your design with the hashtag #drytshirt or post to our Facebook page
  3. Feel awesome

Or, if you’re not a tweeter, twitterer, or just hate birds altogether, send a jpg of your design to:

drytshirt [at] oneword.com

Are there rules or a style guide?

  • minimal is good
  • feel free to incorporate the “go” logo (here are vector and hi-res files)
    (not required though)
  • would prefer “oneword.com” to be included, but are open to your creative genius
  • don’t worry about adhering to oneword.com’s current color palette
  • have fun

What do I win?

  • a percentage of the proceeds from t-shirt sales
  • the respect of friends, family, and colleagues
  • bragging rights

Does the fun ever end?

  • No, but submissions are due by March 1, 2011.


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