Over the years, I’ve received numerous inquiries from teachers wanting to use oneword.com in their writing classes. Explaining that “they would use it now, but there’s no profanity filter.” 

I respond cordially. But my gut response is, “fuck that.”

Interesting that a four-letter word or picture of naked human bodies throws everyone into an upheaval. Meanwhile, kids are in their classrooms getting A’s and B-pluses for knowing the intimate details of every mass slaughter in recorded history.

Humans have been repressing sexuality and killing in the name of one God or another for centuries, and guess what? We’re still at war. We’ve barely evolved. Thankfully, technology has evolved to a point where free expression is fast becoming the order of the day. And when it reaches the point where free expression outweighs the repression—there will be a tipping point—in which expression is inspired less and less by a reaction to repression, and is pure. 

At that point we may have to create a brand-new word for it.


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