That was the word of the day when our would-be friends at Christian Creativityhappened upon our site. And just because they don’t recommend our non-denominational site, doesn’t mean we don’t wholeheartedly recommend their site to any and all creative Christians out there.

For the record, since its inception eight years ago, oneword™ has provided a bevy of fantastic words that would please Jesus Christ and his friends, Buddha, Mohammed, Allah, and The Flying Spaghetti Monster alike, such as “holy,” “integrity,” “smiles,” “meaning,” not forgetting “sandwich.”

We intentionally choose simple words to prompt intelligent responses, without stifling users who may not know some words.

Remember, it’s all about flowing and being creative with whatever we throw at you. If you’re getting hung up on the simplicity of the words, then—contrary to popular belief—this is the PERFECT site for you.

Word out.


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