I never thought I could be so impacted by the death of someone I never knew personally until the passing of Steve Jobs.

Since 1989, I have been using Apple products. Every day.

I have worked in print and digital design, post production, music engineering and composition, video editing, advertising, and as a writer—all on a Mac.

I know there are many like me who have never once entertained the idea of buying any other brand of personal computer; many who know that a Mac is more than a machine—it is the realization of a passionate vision; many who hold the Apple brand close to their hearts.

People mock the depth of emotion felt by myself and other Apple lovers, as they tweet (Twitter wouldn’t exist) from their Androids that would not exist, while watching TV shows edited on machines that would not exist, as they run endless virus scans on machines that are distant knockoffs of machines that would not exist—living in a world that wouldn’t exist without Steve Jobs’ contributions.

To clarify, I’m sure the world would still be here spinning on its axis without Steve Jobs. I just think it would be a little less beautiful—maybe a lot less beautiful. Anyone reading this would be hard pressed to take a glance around them and not see at least five things created on a Mac.

Although Steve Jobs didn’t invent the Mac, I believe it was his vision that not only made it a reality, but made it art. Which, in turn, inspired art in the hearts of millions around the globe—art that will allow his legacy to live on for a very long time.


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