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Going Undetected

On June 11, 2013 By

The word of the day for June 8, 2013: UNDETECTED

I’ve always hated parties since I can remember. The endless anxiety: Will people come? Will I put my foot in my mouth? Will I become an unspoken pariah?

I do like being invited to parties, though—that part is great; the idea that I’m normal enough to pop on someone’s radar. And it allows me to be in control—now it’s a choice—and guess what? I’m choosing not to go. Weirder still, when the party is going on and I’m not there, I almost always struggle: Should I go? Do they notice I’m not there? There’s probably a name for this kind of crazy. Maybe I was there…oh sorry I missed you…not sure how you could have missed me…yeah I was there. No I wasn’t…but man, great party.

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